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About Us

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I had plenty of opportunities to go camping in an RV with my family. Some of my most cherished childhood memories were made while staying in my dad’s camper, which also taught me the importance of repairing and preparing it for our trips.

During my early teenage years, my family and I lived in an off-grid homestead that my parents had built from the ground up. While helping my father construct our house and barn, I gained a fundamental understanding of construction, electricity, and plumbing, and even learned how to rebuild engines.

As I grew older, my interest in music led to repairing pro audio equipment and adapting high-voltage power for sound systems and lights. After that I spent some time managing successful pizza establishments, driving large trucks and trailers as a mover, and working as a construction worker.

When I moved to southern Oregon, I worked in agriculture for a few years before taking on a role in onsite maintenance at an RV park. It was then that I recognized the need for high-quality mobile repair services and realized that my skills were well-suited for the job. Combining my passion for RV camping and my diverse skill set, I founded Rogue Mobile RV Repair LLC in 2023.

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Our Services

Rouge offers a range of mobile repair services to keep your camper in top condition. No need to visit or leave your RV at a random service shop, we travel directly to our customers to perform all services. Our goal is to make servicing your camper as easy and stress-free as possible.

Cleaning And Detailing

We offer several different levels of cleaning and detailing to fit your needs. Whether it’s just a pressure wash or a complete detail and wax, we take pride in getting your RV looking its best for your vacation. We can also shampoo carpets and detail the interior of your RV!

Electrical And Wiring

We can handle your electrical needs too. Whether it’s modifying or adapting your shore power, getting your brake lights to work, or repairing appliances we can get your coach fully functional!

Exterior And Leak Proofing

One of the most detrimental things to your RV’s health and longevity is water getting where it is not supposed to be. We can repair leaks in your roof membrane or in the siding that could lead to costly repairs down the road. If there is already water damage to the sheeting or structure of your RV, or if your roof membrane needs to be replaced we can fix that too!

Waste And Plumbing

We service plumbing systems from the supply to the waste end, except for black and gray tanks. Got a leaky shower drain? Or water under your sink? We’ve got you covered!

Service Areas

We provide our services to these areas:

  • Grant Pass
  • Redwood
  • Rogue River
  • Gold Hill
  • Murphy
  • Provolt
  • Applegate
  • Ruch
  • Medford
  • White City
  • Eagle Point
  • Central Point
  • Jacksonville
  • Phoenix
  • Talent
  • Ashland
  • Sam’s Valley
  • Wimer
  • Shady Cove
  • Selma
  • Williams
  • Wonder
  • Wilderville
  • Merlin
  • Trail
  • Buncom
  • Butte Falls
  • Green Springs
  • Cave Junction

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    A $100 non-refundable deposit is required for every service request. This fee covers travel, plus the first hour of diagnostics and repair.